Consents and General Waiver

By registering in this program, I give permission for my child to participate fully in all activities and experiences offered during our program/event at The Art of Play Studio  for the duration of the program/event. Any exceptions to this will be put in writing and agreed upon by myself and The Art of Play Studio staff.   I release and hold harmless The Art of Play Studio from any and all liability that may arise.

I understand that The Art of Play Studio embraces messy play and that clothing worn in the studio may get dirty or stained. I agree to dress myself and my child in clothing that is meant to get messy. I acknowledge that The Art of Play Studio is not responsible for any clothing that is worn during programs/events. 

For all adult/child programs/events, I recognize that I (or a designated caregiver over the age of 18) must remain on the studio premises and am responsible for my child’s (and my own/the caregiver’s) health and safety at all times. I understand that there is a maximum of two children per adult during these programs.

I agree to share with The Art of Play Studio staff any medical conditions, allergies or other conditions/needs that may affect my child’s health and safety while participating in their program (this information will be kept confidential). Should a medical emergency arise, I agree to having The Art of Play Studio staff administer minor first aid, seek further medical attention (ie. calling an ambulance) and contact me or our emergency contact when necessary.

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